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Travelling can be a way to relax, explore or reconnect. Prices though can really interfere with travel plans, especially these days with fuel prices fuming. Plus the recent topics of cancellations and lost baggage, it’s not seeming like so relaxing. Nevertheless, after more than 2 years of confinement many of us are getting the itch again and nothing will put a stop to it. If it that’s you, even despite inflation, you may want to consider ways of saving to go onto your next vacay.

Planning Your Trip

Booking vacation time can be difficult, especially when you have limited days or need to save them for other events. With a little planning and research, it is possible to travel more. Also, it seems many of us FORGOT how to travel or what’s required. With certain country COVID requirements, it makes it even harder. Here are tips to save money and travel more often!

Buy Trip Insurance

With a pandemic that threw all travel plans out the window overnight, you may want to ensure you have a safety net. Many airlines now offer cancellation or travel insurance that covers you in cases there are travel restrictions. Be sure to check that off especially if your travel date is very much ahead in the future. Travel insurance also covers you in cases of other situations that occur out of your control such as illness or family death.

Check Your I.D.

You’ve planned and paid for your trip and you’re ready to go – don’t let missing travel documents stop your plans short. Guests of all ages require current (non-expired) identification that matches the name and spelling on their ticket. You are responsible for making sure that you, and any child travelling with you, have the proper identification and travel documentation required to enter or connect through each country on your itinerary.

Pandemic Guidelines

Some countries still have COVID-19 guidelines to follow. Ensure you check their websites for the latest requirements.


Up to 24 hours before departure, guests can check-in for their flight online via airliners’ website, mobile app or airport kiosk. To receive the most up-to-date information, include an email address and a mobile number during the check-in process to receive any important information regarding your flights.

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Arrive Early

Because it’s a busy time of year, and the recent flight and baggage issues, prepare for larger crowds at the airport. Make sure to check flight status before leaving for the airport and arrive at the airport no less than two hours before a domestic flight and three hours before an international flight. Make sure to meet check-in, baggage drop and boarding cut-off times in advance of departure day.

Additionally, plan for extra travel time to the airport since bad weather (in winter) and traffic snarls can make for a longer drive than normal at this time of year.

Travel Light

Most airline charge for checked in luggage these days. While sometimes it’s not possible, if you can, forgo the checked in luggage. Opt for a carry-on and a personal item. It forces you to become creative with your clothes planning to reuse the same pieces into different basic outfits. If you must check in luggage, don’t overpack. Leave some room for souvenirs to ensure you don’t have to pay for overweight luggage.

Carry-on Baggage

Carry-on baggage must meet our size requirements. Each traveller is permitted one piece of carry-on baggage and one personal item. Excess and oversized carry-on baggage must be checked and will be subject to applicable baggage fees. Some airlines also charge for carry-on baggage. Always pack special items like identification, wallets, purses, medication, mobile devices, keys and valuable items such as cash, jewellery and electronics into carry-on baggage.

Fund Your Trip

Travelling is definitely one of the best joys of the world but it is not cheap and often unaffordable. However, there are ways of reducing the financial burden so you can explore the wonders this earth has to offer.

Start a Travel Fund

Put a set amount of money aside with every paycheque into a special travel account or into an old-fashioned piggy bank. Even a couple of dollars a week can really make a difference in the long run.

Travel During Long Weekends

This is a great way to get a day or two extra onto a travel itinerary. Travellers will be able to make the most out of their vacation time without having to worry about taking time off work or fitting all their plans into just a few days.


Earn Travel Points

Choosing a credit card that offers travel rewards is a great way to get discounts when flying or on hotels. Alternately, search for a points card that earns travel miles. Travellers can choose one based on their favourite airline or opt for a more generic card.

Track Flight Prices

Travellers can always benefit by researching prices ahead of time and comparing different sites. Booking with FlightHub and JustFly are always a guaranteed way to know travellers are getting the best deals out there! Though I would take extra care with these discount travel agencies as in unusual situations (e.g. a pandemic), you may never receive your money.

Volunteer or Work Abroad

Opportunities for work abroad are quite common and come in a range of projects like environmental initiatives, hotel management, teaching and of course tourism. Travellers can really step outside their comfort zone and fully immersing themselves into a new destination, often for months at a time.

Visit With Friends or Family

Staying with someone you know is a great way to save travellers money once they are at their destination. It will also make travelling the nearby surroundings much easier as locals often know how to use public transit or have their own transportation.


Stay at Hostels

Hostels these days have upgraded and have ratings. So if you’re travelling alone or with some friends and don’t mind sharing, then check it out. It’ll afford you steep discounts in comparison to hotels.

Find Discounted Attraction Tickets

Groupons and other coupon sites can offer you a ton of deals on attractions. You may also be able to find packages on tourist websites.

Travel to Las Vegas

Choosing Las Vegas as a destination? ‘What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas’. This famous quote makes you realize that whatever experience you gather while you are in Vegas, can again be experienced if you visit Las Vegas again. Nothing gives you the ambience of Vegas when you are out of it.  The entertainment Vegas provides cannot be compared with any other entertainment on this entire planet. Las Vegas is known for its sparkly casinos, restaurant in Las Vegas, luxury themed resorts and so on for entertainment. Though there are many foods that you should try in Vegas, the thing you must try is the cinnamon rolls in Las Vegas. The city is more than its strip and cinnamon rolls, but the tourist attractions are all about the massive luxurious hotels and iconic landmarks with its busy boulevard.

In Vegas you can also enjoy celebrity run restaurants besides the high roller coasters, as well as Cirque du Soleil music concerts. It is no doubt the best holiday destination. Here are 7 attractions of Las Vegas that you should’t miss at all.

Legacy of Pinball

The Pinball Hall of fame is the one that contains hundreds of old pinball machines with classic arcade games.

Pinball hall of fame can be found just a bit away from the Strip. It is a place that will keep you entertained for hours, it’s a family friendly spot. The museum is full of pinball machines starting from the 1940s. The place is full of bright flashing lights, vintage and rare games lying beside the modern game machine. Just around the corner you will find shops that sell cinnamon rolls in Las Vegas.

Cirque du Soleil

If you are interested in an unforgettable spectacle, then I suggest a Cirque du Soleil performance, because it is going to make your night. The people perform stunning and mesmerizing acrobats and jaw-dropping shows in several resorts along with the Strip.
While ‘Mystère’ gives you dazzling dance performances, they also offer superb shows including martial arts and vibrant musical, visual tributes to MJ and The Beatles.

Wynn Las Vegas Casino

This casino is considered to be the most luxurious resort in the world. The Wynn has won an award for being a gorgeous casino to let visitors enjoy themselves. It is decorated with a floral theme and has all kinds of games which you can try in a sophisticated manner. It was opened in 2005 with a lot of games already, like slot machines and poker rooms.  The main attraction is the entry of the casino, it is just so full of excitement. This is because of the waterfalls in the lovely lake of dreams and just beneath there are handmade mountains, that light up the ambiance even more at night, because of its lighting.

New Arrivals

High Roller

The high roller is on the Strip as well, its height is 167 meters and is considered to be the highest observation wheel on planet earth. Get on it and you will get the entire view of Las Vegas by just sitting in one place. Don’t forget the giant Ferris wheel when you are in town. It is situated just across the streets from Caesars palace and gorgeously decorated with LED lights. While the ride is moving there are people who are commenting and letting you know all about the things you can see below you.

Mob Museum

Remember the Mob who ruled the United States as well as Vegas? Well, the Mob Museum informs you more about the crimes in the country during the time of Mob. You will get to know mobsters and G-men, speakeasies and molls, casino skimmers and bootleggers and as well as the mob activities nowadays. Did I mention that this museum has been financed by the government and not the Mob?

The Fremont Street

If you visit Las Vegas and miss Fremont Street, it will be foolish of you. In the early years, Fremont Street was known as Glitter Gulch. It is situated on a five-block section. You will enjoy the notch sound and lights that Fremont Street offers to every visitor. Loud music and the beauty of lights take place a lot of times in a night under the 90-foot canopy. While Fremont is about to start their games of lights, casinos and other businesses turn their lights off in respect. There are more than 12 million LED lights that get activated to give visitors an amazing night each day.

Caesars Palace

You cannot leave Vegas by taking a tour of Caesars Palace. The palace was built by Jay Sarno who really worked hard building a motel in the year 1950. He chose Vegas because of his love for gambling, then he decided to build a much more glamorous casino than the Strip. He got success in that. The place is decorated with fountains and pools and a Romanian theme, where employees wear uniforms of the Roman trope. This casino made its appearance in many Hollywood movies such as our favorite The Hangover comedy movie.

The Gist of it

If the travel bug is hitting you again, despite the surge in prices, consider the above tips. It’s been a while since the word travelled so revisiting this checklist is not a bad idea. Going to Las Vegas? The list of locations above are a definite must see to make your experience truly memorable. What are your travel tips?

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